Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

How was your week?  Mine was a little strange in that a water main break caused my day job to be closed for two days.  I spent time writing and cleaning!

I did a good job meeting my goals last week and wrote every day except for one.  Abby said she was pretty successful as well!

Here are my goals for this next week:
1.  Write every day.
2.  Continue working through the assignments for the synopsis workshop.
3.  Finish the moonlight ride scene.
4.  Sort through and organize the scenes for which I have pieces/sections written, so I have a good idea of what I have and what I still need.
5.  Read through DIYMFA--order books from library!

Several things about my goals that may interest some of you.  Goal number two refers to C. J. Redwine's online synopsis workshop.  You can find out about it here.  It is great!  I recommend it, so if she offers it again--sign up!  I'm taking her query workshop, which starts tomorrow.  I've also purchased her book about writing queries, The Query Handbook.  It is very useful and I'm looking forward to the workshop.  Hint:  There's probably still time to sign up for the workshop if you're reading this late Sunday or early Monday, so get going!

Goal number five is about this very cool site I just discovered called DIYMFA or Do It Yourself MFA.  What I've read so far makes sense to me, so I've signed up for their newsletter and the introductory kit.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

I would like to work further through the moonlight ride scene tonight, so I'd better going.  How did your goals go this week?  Some weeks it seems as if meeting them is an easy thing to do, and some weeks it feels like slogging through the mud.  Here's to this being a non-mud slogging week for us all!

Write on!

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  1. Congratulations on doing so well with your goals. I am setting some goals for this week, too. (Actual achievable goals, not just a huge list that is more like a menu---for a NYC diner that serves nearly everything!) 1. meaningful daily devotional life
    2. practice and study music every day
    3. healthy food and at least one form of exercise most days
    4. sort/toss/organize at least a corner of my life most days

    Please keep me accountable. (I'm writing these down in hard copy, too.) Write on, Lillian!