Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Endings and beginnings

Even though the first day of summer was officially last week, I feel like the first day of summer is TODAY!  The reason for my delayed start and celebration is because (drum roll, please!) yesterday I submitted my last assignment for the grad class I've been taking.  NOTE:  That's the ending part of this post.  Yahoo!  Also, one lesson that this class reinforced for me is to always be open to learning.  I hadn't been looking forward to taking the class because I thought it would be a rehash of things I already know (it is in connection with my day job), but, I reminded myself to have a positive attitude and as I reflected on the course yesterday, I realized how much I had learned from it.

Another beginning for today comes because June 29 is the official publication date of Writing Young Adult Fiction for Dummies.  The author, Deborah Halverson, is having a Virtual Book Launch.  Go here to find out more about her new book and the contests and giveaways she's having in association with her Virtual Book Launch.

I know I can get carried away with reading about writing, and just reading, instead of sitting down and writing, but I am looking forward to reading Writing Young Adult Fiction for Dummies.  The selections I've already read have given me some things to think about as I work on my own writing. 

Speaking of my own writing, I better close and get to work.  I am excited to be able to refocus on my own creative work.

On a personal note, another reason I'm celebrating today is that it's my wedding anniversary!  Yaaaaahhh! 

What about you?  Is today a start of something new, or maybe a restart?  As a former colleague liked to say, "You can restart your day at any time."  No matter what's going on with you, think about making a new start today or a restart, and celebrate the day with the ones you love!