Sunday, July 3, 2011

So many books. . .

One goal I have this summer is to read and read some more!  As I've been working on achieving this goal, while also attempting to be a responsible consumer, I've run into some problems.  First, let me state that I LOVE our local library.  I use its services and support it in every way I can, including writing letters to my elected officials every time they talk of cutting funding.  NOTE:  My letters and those of others are doing some good, but those elected officials (whose names I am collecting) are still cutting funding every time they can. 

My problem is that even though I love my local library, they just don't usually have the books I'm looking to read.  Of course, another option I have is to buy a copy of the book.  When I take that route, I run into a couple of problems.  One is that my local bookstore doesn't always have the books I want.  Plus, I am trying to save money and I only have so much room in my house for books.

I know I have just revealed by that last statement that I have not joined the ereader club; yes, that is correct.  It's not that I am morally against it, as some of my acquaintances are, but I haven't figured out if I'm a NOOK person or a Kindle person.

Right now I'm teetering on the very dangerous ledge of going online and ordering every book on my "To Read" list.  It's just so easy to click those little buttons and wait for the package to come via UPS and US Mail.

So, probably the real reason I haven't bought an ereader is that it would be too easy to order books.  Am I able to withstand to temptation to just click and have the book right there in my hot little hand which is holding my hot little ereader?  I don't know if I am.

What about you?  Are you a Kindle person or a NOOK person?  Or, do you have another way to read your ebooks?  If so, how do you handle the temptation to order books immediately and without the concern of where you will put them?  How big is your ereader bill?